Photo by Helena Dolby for Creative Mornings Sheffield

Hello. Thanks for visiting my portfolio.

I specialise in the place where science and technology intersects with culture. I write, consult, and deliver a lot of talks and workshops. Occasionally I make physical things, but I’m moving on from that, now.

My creative background has been deliciously varied, ranging from writing comedy for the BBC to penning advertising copy, to creating a digital light installation for the Lowry. As you’ll see as you click around this site, my approach often involves humour, participation and improvisational elements.

In my quest to create truly engaging, original experiences, I have made some really weird, unique things. While I enjoy these enormously, I’m not as eccentric as you might assume. My thinking tends to be particular, goal-focussed and absolute. So if you have a specific target in mind when you commission me, I’ll take your brief very seriously – using your words as my guide and measure of success.

Home is Sheffield (UK) but I travel a lot, and I’m always looking for people to connect with. So, if any of this sounds interesting, please contact me: leila@finalbullet.com.