I’m the author of three commercial humour books and three artist residency books. I’ve contributed to other books, too, most recently a chapter in Mysterium. If you have a book idea you’d like to collaborate on, let me know!

Humour books

Following an approach from a publisher in 2007, my humour website How To Worry Friends and Inconvenience People was adapted into a book. It was packed with subversive ideas and was further adapted for animations on the BBC website, and a column I wrote for BBC Comedy in 2008.

My satirical gamebook Enemy of Chaos temporarily troubled those ‘Pride & Prejudice with Zombies’ type books in the Amazon charts back in 2009. Cory Doctorow reviewed it favourably for Boing Boing, calling it ‘Wickedly Funny’ and listing it as one of his favourite books of the year. Robyn Wilder called it ‘Ferociously intelligent’ on Hecklerspray.

In 2014, Tim Warriner and I co-wrote a book about the mysteries of modern life, from witchcraft to UFOs. The Inner Head is still probably the thing that makes me laugh more than anything else I’ve ever worked on.

All three books were published by Snowbooks.

Residency books

I also produced small books as an outcome of my residency at the dance company, Rambert, in 2015-16, my residency at the Centre for Critical Study of Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements in 2017-18, and my residency at the Derby Quad in 2018. You can read them online as PDFs, below.

Rambert residency book
CenSAMM residency book
Derby Quad residency book