Curating & Consulting

In conversation at the Derby Quad in 2017. Photo by Ioanna Birdu

Email me if you need help bringing some ideas together for a project or event. I have a knack for drawing original connections between concepts, and organising information in inspiring ways.

I’ll consider any project, but my specialist area is the place where creativity meets digital.

I’ve noticed more and more people being drawn to the creative potential of technology recently. If you’re one of them, give me a shout. I won’t be weird, or patronising, or creepy with you, and I won’t claim to know more than I do. I’ve had a go at most things over the years, and as a result I now have a wide-ranging network and knowledge-base to draw on. I’d be happy to offer free advice and ideas in the first instance.

A lifetime of technology and art

Since January 2017, I have held the part-time position of Digital Curator at the Site Gallery, a contemporary art space in Sheffield.

Prior to this, my art/tech/ideas project Hack Circus ran for three years, and involved creating immersive events, a quarterly magazine, a podcast, and the commissioning and selling of original work.

I have been working in the technology/art field for over 14 years as a maker, event producer and journalist. See my CV for more.