Hello, I’m Leila.

These days I’m a digital copywriter and editor, specialising in tech clients. But I’ve always worked with people’s imaginations.

My new professional/portfolio site is under development, but if you’re interested in hiring me, I recommend you have a look at it anyway – whosthesuit.com (Sept 2022)

I started out in magazine journalism in 2005, while completing my critical theory MPhil at Cambridge. By 2006, I was Deputy Editor of a national homes magazine. In 2007 I was approached by a publisher, and went on to do three humour books.

I worked as a digital copywriter for big agencies and clients in London – but London wasn’t for me. In 2012, I moved to Sheffield to work on a creative technology contract, and within five years was a successful digital artist. I worked in several different countries and even exhibited at The Lowry.

In 2018, I left the art world behind forever. I simply didn’t feel as though I was making enough difference. I wanted to channel some of the money I’d made across my various careers into something useful, and ideally low stress. When the pandemic threw us all into chaos in 2020, I opened an affordable, Covid-safe holiday let on the Fife coast to provide a much-needed escape pod during a crazy year. A year later I moved to Fife permanently! Now, following two successful years of supporting lovely holidays, the property has a long term tenant. I enjoy hosting and housing in all its forms, and also own and rent out a lovely flat in a historic building in Glasgow.

I am trying to work less, however I still write copy for global tech clients and consult on digital creativity, for example as one half of Sarah & Leila. I have a quiet obsession with business and finance, and have recently joined the volunteer team at Edinburgh’s wonderful financial history reference library, the Library of Mistakes.

Get in touch if you think I can help you with anything: leila@finalbullet.com.

September 2022