How To Live Forever – the quest for digital immortality

How To Live Forever was an interactive installation in which a mysterious organisation, M.O.R.T.Y (“A Cure For Life”) purported to run experimental immortality trials on unwitting volunteers.

With the technical help of my friends Saul Cozens and James Jefferies, I built a box that shows participants an interactive film, challenges them to complete bleak creative tasks, scans their body with a laser and prints out a postcard from their ‘digital self’.

The Life Extension Booth was commissioned as one of the New Work Awards at the Brighton Digital Festival in 2015. I also created an accompanying documentary, exploring ideas around belief and the quest for immortality. The video was watched in a special waiting room area, before participants entered the booth. A version of the installation and film was also commissioned for the British Science Festival the same year.

The project was very well-received. If you’d like to find out more about the ideas explored, check out my full interview with The Observer here, and watch the documentary film on Life Extension.