Writing & Editing

Does your website need a once-over? Do you want to drive more traffic to your site but don’t have time to maintain the blog yourself? Perhaps you just need someone to sense-check a pamphlet before you send it out to a thousand customers. Whatever it is, I love a good editing challenge, so please do get in touch for a chat.

Just making contact with a professional will put you ahead of most of your competitors. I’ve been writing and editing publications all my life; I really do bring a lifetime of experience to these challenges.

Years of experience

I write everything: books, humour, columns and articles for people like WIRED UKNew Scientist, and Creative Review. I’m also one of the Huffington Post bloggers; I use the platform to share advice about creativity.

I do quite a few web copywriting jobs. Here’s a sample of my writing: a piece about SEO that I researched and wrote recently, as a copy test for an interview. You can find some of my clippings here.

In 2006, at the age of 26, I was hired as Deputy Editor on national lifestyle publication ‘Move to the Country’. After this, I worked as a web editor for Shiny Media, looking after several of their popular culture blogs.

As a full-time copywriter for digital agency Made By Many in London (2010-2012), my writing was used by clients like Skype, Amnesty International, Burberry and Jaguar.

From 2013-2015 I was the Managing Editor of The Literary Platform, a lively website exploring storytelling experiments on a range of digital platforms.

I launched my own quarterly print format magazine, Hack Circus, in 2013. It was all about projects and ideas that playfully merge art, technology and science, and its 12-issue run ended in January, 2017. You can read more about Hack Circus here.

I’m the author of three humour books, How To Worry Friends and Inconvenience People (2007); Enemy of Chaos (2009), and The Inner Head (2014).